How to get your house ready for the market

By Valeri Mumford

You know you want to sell your house and as fast as possible. You have already found a home, but need to sell your home first. What do you do to make potential buyers fall in love with your home? There are many ways to prepare your home for showings. Here are 3 easy steps to add extra curb appeal to your home, without being overwhelmed.  De-Clutter, De-personalize, Decorate

1) De-cluttering often can be tough. You know exactly where all your stuff is placed. It’s not clutter, it’s called the pile file system, but it has to go. The pile file system can change a buyers mind in wanting your home. Everyone has a different personality and for the very organized people, your system could detour them from loving your charming home. A great way to organize the bills are with binders, school papers could be kept in a special box, and toss the newspapers and junk mail after reading.

2)De-personalizing a home could be another tough one, but you are moving right? When a buyer walks into a house they try to imagine it as their new home. They try to picture in their minds where their personal items will be placed. When you de-personalize you are giving the buyer the chance to personalize. You are a step ahead and one less box to pack when the big moving day arrives. On the other hand, some people enjoy seeing how you personalize your home and where you hang your family photos. There are a few buyers who need help with ideas of where they would put personalized items. So if you just can’t take the kids sports or school photos down or the large initial hanging above the mantel, it won’t hurt anything. This one is a 50/50 suggestion.

3) Decorating could be an easy one for the Pinterest guru’s. But for some, decorating could be another tough one. Basically, you want to put a little cuteness into your home, make it charming. I would suggest not going overboard with it, because it could turn into clutter. Just a little touch here and there won’t hurt to add a little pizzazz to your now de-personalized rooms. I would watch your seasons. Don’t still have Halloween decorations up in November when it should be Thanksgiving,etc. Decorating isn’t a must have to sell your home. Basically, it’s to add charm to a room.

Now that you know a few easy ways to be prepared, remember the 3 de’s are not the only thing that sells your house. It is a great way to be show ready, but it has to meet the buyers criteria. Pictures speak a 1000 words, but the physical look creates the feelings.

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